Academy Awards 2017 In Tweets

Moment when La La Land won but did not, Moonlight did,but Team La La Land handled it beautifully :

When i thanked #TheAcademy for including Late Om Puri Sahab in their video :

When Kimmel @jimmykimmel gave us the best description of Samuel Legendary Jackson :

Some Jungle book love,not so much for StarWars 🙂

Another gem from Kimmel @jimmykimmel, this time for Ryan Reynolds:

When your childhood favorite wins at Oscars : The Great Jackie Chan:

When Emma Stone won and wanted to hug the hell out of her friends :


Why do critics like Rajeev Masand criticize masala movies even if they entertain the majority of the audience?

My answer to Why do critics like Rajeev Masand criticize masala movies even if they entertain the majority of the a…

Answer by Rohan Golwalkar:

1) Because most masala movies are not well made ( talking about quality not about how much masala each movie has)
2) His focus is reviewing movie on merit of quality.

Popular content works as most people don't have an overview of world cinema ( and there is nothing wrong with it- it depends on the interest).

Why do critics like Rajeev Masand criticize masala movies even if they entertain the majority of the audience?

Are movie critics really biased against DC?

My answer to Are movie critics really biased against DC?

Answer by Rohan Golwalkar:

A bit probably.

But there seems to be a pattern, Marvel is consistently delivering great action films back to back, which is forcing DC universe to do things differently.

Now Nolan’s Batman trilogy was successful because he made three great movies.Snyder chose (atleast) tried to keep the same tone(may be he should chosen a bit lighter tone).

Now for me Man Of Steel,BvS were not movies,but one does not come out screaming -wow,and thats what is DC missing out on.

Suicide squad however might just make a killing despite bad reviews.

I think DC directors need freedom and they can probably direct short movies and present it to various business heads and see how it goes.

Hope I answered the question.

Are movie critics really biased against DC?

How is Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie?

My answer to How is Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie?

Answer by Rohan Golwalkar:

It depends how you look at it : if you are looking it as a single threaded story(focussing more on Batman or Superman) then it is not.

However it introduces new characters,sub-plots which would be pivotal to next movies (Infinity War 1 & 2).

Its great visually but its dark(content and lighting wise), visually its outstanding but almost with no humor.

Is it a classic – No.

Is it a good one time watch – Yes

Would it be a fun to watch again on BluRay : Totally.

Hope i answered your question.

How is Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie?

Can Quora replace Facebook?

Answer by Rohan Golwalkar:

No Quora cannot and should not replace Facebook : reason are listed below :
  1. Facebook is an awesome social network which caters to everyone and anyone – that's their strength and that is really how they grow : every like,every photo,every status is important and the engagement is super easy.
  2. Quora is a knowledge network : you may discuss a topic and pass on other – its more per your interest(knowledge topic) – which is great and should be maintained the same way.
Quora is unique and helps a lot in getting knowledge about thing you may not know from people who know more than you(not necessarily) but we receive a collective feedback – whereas in facebook a like does the trick.
you get the idea 🙂

Can Quora replace Facebook?

How good is Lord of the Rings book series by J.R.R. Tolkein?

Answer by Rohan Golwalkar:

To start with : it is a long but rewarding read – i am listing few reasons why reader may enjoy this :
  • An unlikely hero : Frodo takes up a task way above his ability.
  • Whole bunch of warriors commit to guard him and to make sure he finishes his task : commitment/loyalty
  • Great Friendship : especially between Sam and Frodo
  • Some remarkable creatures : Gollum
  • Imaginative writing : Tolkien created a world so elaborate, at times one has to wonder how he achieved it.
  • Brilliant evil villains
  • Lot of magic and suspense and thrilling moments
  • Solid war sequences
All and all it is a great world he created and it all ties up very nicely : it won't be easy for a non-reader or beginner – but if you keep at it – it will be rewarding.
Note: to cheat you can watch the LOTR trilogy Directed by Peter Jackson and then read the book to further enhance the experience.

How good is Lord of the Rings book series by J.R.R. Tolkein?

Why do people, especially those who see themselves as film buffs, take criticism of Birdman so personally?

Answer by Rohan Golwalkar:

It has more to do with the emotional connect with the movie.

Movie buffs like book lovers are invested in what they do: hence their opinions can be rigid and hence they defend it hard.

Like Christopher rightly mentioned Art is subjective.

Adding to this: may be rather than finding out why criticism is taken personally we can probably engage them by asking question differently:

Example: What were the aspects of Birdman (insert any movie of your choice) which earned it so much praise.

Try it out may be you might end up being good friend with the movie buffs.

Why do people, especially those who see themselves as film buffs, take criticism of Birdman so personally?

Movie Review : The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (HFR 3D)

The Hobbit is the prequel to the Lord of the Rings(LOTR) written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

These books are insanely famous and considered a must read for all fantasy/adventure readers.

Director Peter Jackson gave us Lord of the Rings (part1,part2,part3) and created something so magical that personally i consider LOTR trilogy the greatest fantasy series ever made. As soon as the Hobbit was announced – so was its HFR (high frame rate controversy) and later the trilogy.

Hobbit (i bought the book and read 6 chapters of it) is a single book and it was announced as a trilogy,and not a single movie.

Needless to say everyone was doubtful about the trilogy announcement.

I watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey(IMDB) in HFR 3D as Peter Jackson shot it and recommended – i can start with saying – It is outstanding.

This part covers first 6 chapters of the book and the conversion on-screen is spectacular.

Bilbo Baggins – the hobbit is played by (Martin Freeman) is asked by Gandalf to join the group of dwarfs for an unexpected journey to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim a their stolen mountain home from a dragon named Smaug.

So the journey starts with :

Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold.

The movie starts off slow;setting up the mood and then as the events are placed – its nothing short of a spectacle.

If you loved LOTR – you must love this too and by the time it reaches the end, one is left begging for more :).

The direction is superb and director Peter Jackson knows his craft very well.The casting is perfect and this movie, start of a fantastic trilogy. Then we have THE Gollum – one of the most fascinating characters ever created on-screen( i am really sure about this) – the moment Gollum appears on the screen – every minute with this character is a treat to watch on screen – just out of the world – those minutes with Gollum.

CG depiction of Gollum created by Weta Digital...

CG depiction of Gollum created by Weta Digital for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now a note about HFR and negative reviews (additional links below) : The movie looks gorgeous in 48 frames/sec ,the action scenes and dark scenes look very crisp in 3D – yes it looks very real but you feel as if you are on journey with the characters –  and probably the length can be considered as a negative but not so much to take any credit away.
So if you love clarity( we live in the world of High Definition content anyways) – do not miss it.

Negative reviews on sites : Be rest assured about one thing – these reviewers made up their mind way before watching the movie and they were all out to shoot this one down – trust me go watch it yourself – if you liked LOTR there is nothing to hate about Hobbit – it’s just great film-making – few might find it slow in the start  but you will not regret when the movie ends.Cinematography and CGI is jaw dropping and the background score perfect to set you up in the mood.

Action : there is plenty to keep you entertained and is very well done – the beasts,sword fights,mountains,middle earth, you name it you have it – and it looks very cool in HFR.

Do yourself a favor and watch this on big screen – its brilliant.

Eagerly waiting for the next part – Hats off to J.R.R. Tolkien for writing this fantastic story and Peter Jackson for bringing the movie to screen.

Rating : Must watch.