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10 step guide to make running or jogging easy on yourself

You might have heard or read this somewhere :

Running is the easiest and inexpensive way to get fit.

The truth is – it is not.

  • Running is not easy – it gets easier as you keep practicing – as it is true for any other skill.
  • Running is expensive – a pair of good shoes(a prerequisite indeed) and accessories can cost you a lot.

Let me start with my case : I am more of a gym or sports person – rather than running – truth be told – i hated running (not that i love it now – but the relation has improved).

My lifestyle has changed dramatically – i am not in college anymore and its holds true for my friend circle too.The idea of indulging in sport has changed i.e rather than playing, i end up sitting in-front on the TV and enjoying the game.

Listed below are few observations during my first stint in running :

  • I tried too much too early – i ran faster than i could handle, needless to say – i ran out of gas and my lungs were screaming torture.
  • I did not pay attention to the pace – i ran – where i should have jogged.
  • I made goals based on distance – and later realized that it should have been time.

So what am i doing to do better and make it easier? Read on

Disclaimer: These steps are intended for beginners.

  1.  Accept : As a beginner one must accept the current fitness level. To take my case i am not good at running and i accepted my level as a beginner – and hence i decided to break it down so that i can manage it easily.
  2. Time limit : I decided on 20 minutes to start with – if i can do more than that -good enough – if not at-least run/walk/jog for 20 minutes.
  3. Walking :  is fine and acceptable during sessions ,in fact it is the right thing to do when tired.Focus on jogging at pace you are comfortable with and start walking when tired – till you recover.
  4. Sharing :  on Facebook and Twitter – it might sound like a bad idea – but trust me somehow it works. (Runkeeper maps are one of the reasons – it looks good).
  5. Frequency : reducing the frequency of runs helps.I now stick to 2 or max 3 runs a week.
  6. Motivation : for running is to reduce excess weight – since i did not enjoy running too much;i told myself once i am at the desired weight – i would go back to gym.
  7. Music : I advice all to be careful with use of music while running on busy streets – for me adding music to my run/jog/walk sessions has been wonderful and entertaining.
  8. Mix it up : i added 30 push ups and 30 squats followed by 2-5 minutes of rest after the run/jog session.
  9. Diet : Paying attention to what you eat during dinner.Try to eat light dinner(at least 3 days a week to start with).The lighter you are,easier it is on your knees and shins.
  10. Speak : to yourself and say – i don’t hate running – it’s no big deal – the session is just about 10-15 songs long and then it becomes easy.

Given below is how Runkeeper rewards your effort visually:

Even a seasoned runner would tell you – running is never easy at beginning – but if you take small steps it will turn into something more than exercise.

You can use these tips or tricks to make it running more fun and easy for yourself.

Keep trying – keep moving and remember :

Whether it’s a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mile, it’s still a mile.

Please comment back if any of these tips helped you. Feel free to share your tips on running,diet,fitness in general.