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Movie Review : Man Of Steel (IMAX 3D) : Welcome Back Superman

Director : Zack Snyder

Cast : Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe

If you are reading this and you haven’t watched the movie- i am sure you have at-least read mixed reviews about Man Of Steel – the latest Superman movie.The problem – nostalgia around Christopher Reeve’s Superman – so don’t bother and decide for yourself.

Superman: The Man of Steel
Superman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Movie starts with Superman’s father Jor El (Russell Crowe) trying to convince everyone that Krypton will be destroyed unless he is given access to the codex and he modifies and makes changes to save the planet,which results in a face off with General Zod(Michael Shannon) – who wants to save the planet.

In this process Jor El sends off his son Kal El: Superman to earth to save him and fights General Zod.The vision of Kryton and effects are brilliant and it sets the tone for the movie.

We then see Superman(Henry Cavill) living his life as a normal working man – with flashbacks telling us the story as he grew up and realized his powers.His parents on earth played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane always wanting him not to reveal his powers in-front of everyone.

Kevin Costner is in great form and it is good to see him in short but good role.

English: Actor and director Kevin Costner whil...
Kevin Costner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We see then reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) who somehow figures out about Superman and wants to share his story with the world.The movie moves on effortlessly between flashbacks and present time – eventually we see General Zod broadcasting that he is looking for Kal El.

Superman finally decides to reveal his identity and fights Zod in top-notch action sequences with outstanding special effects.

Credit goes to director Zack Snyder for re-imagining superman completely with Christopher Nolan(Story) – the movie has a serious tone throughout and it presents superman in a way that now we can expect superman to appear more often in upcoming movies.

The special effects are out of the world and scenes of Superman flying and fighting are absolutely breathtaking.

Performances wise Henry Cavill makes a very good superman and he delivers on every front,acting,physique,good looks – he has everything.

English: Henry Cavill at the Vanity Fair celeb...
Henry Cavill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kevin Costner delivers another good performance but General Zod played by Michael Shannon is the most entertaining – he is brilliant and feels every bit like a villain should be.

My favorite scene: When Zod threatens Superman’s mom and Superman beats the crap out of Zod for doing so 🙂

The movie however is not without glitches – the buildup takes time – and when action starts it does not stop ( around 40+ minutes of non stop,loud and fast action is on display in second half of the movie).There are no funny moments as i remember.3D is not so great either but its better than most of the 3D converted movies.

Bottom Line : Slightly longer – this movie is a very good comeback for Superman – amazing special effects and the team of Snyder and Nolan has given us the Superman movie we were waiting for.

All i can say is : Welcome Back Superman : we have been waiting for this comeback.

Movie Rating : 3.5/5 ( A must watch for Superman fan and anyone who wants to experience state of the art special effects )


9 thoughts on “Movie Review : Man Of Steel (IMAX 3D) : Welcome Back Superman

        1. It won’t be an easy task i am sure about that.
          They have to make sure both of them get equal roles without compromising on their individual styles – it was very well done in Avengers where they kept all heroes in check.

          1. Yes, I agree. But I also wished that Spiderman could be involved in a fusion like this. I think the new Spiderman movies are my most favorite ones. Of course nothing can beat the old Batman movies with Tim Burton as director.

          2. At that time the versions were good,but the new batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan had more heart and soul to it – we were involved and the villains – outstanding (remember – lets put a smile on that face – Joker) :).
            So you seem to be a superhero movie fan – looking forward for Thor 2 ?

          3. Somehow, I couldn’t chum up with the first two Christopher Nolan Batman movies, despite of the Joker Heath Ledger (he was still a good one). But for me, the real Joker was Jack Nicholson. It was the Joker I knew from my childhood days. But I liked the last Batman movie very much. For me, it was the best by Christopher Nolan’s Batmans so far. Yes, I quite like superhero movies. Unfortunately I haven’t ever read any comics :/ And yes, I am so looking forward for Thor 2! *o*

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