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Movie Review: Oblivion (2013) : Visually Brilliant Scifi Tests Viewers Patience

Director : Joseph Kosinski

Cast : Tom Cruise,Morgan Freeman,Olga Kurylenko

Tom Cruise is no stranger to sci-fi and action movies and Oblivion is no different.When i saw the first trailer of Oblivion,i was happy to see the visuals and the combination of Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman and that led me to watch the movie as well.

It is set in Futuristic Earth where everything has been destroyed due the war between human race and you guessed it ‘aliens’.Now humans eventually won the war but the effects of nuclear weapons and radiations have almost destroyed earth and the moon.Tsunami’s,earthquakes have ensured that earth was not a place to live anymore and hence everyone is transported to Titan to ensure safety and life.

Tom Cruise is Jack Harper and his wife Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) describe their team as a ‘Mop Up Crew’ – which implies they are a team which looks into the drone maintenance and record all the activities.They stay in a house which is a spaceship and fully equipped.They are about to return to Titan in couple of weeks to join other humans.Jack Harper has flashbacks/dreams of past life and he is always confused about the same.

Tom Cruise December 2008
Tom Cruise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However in one of his maintenance tours Jack Harper finds Julia (Olga Kurylenko) who appears to be a part of a spaceship – he saves and brings her back and this event spins the movie as Julia reveals few secrets – leading Jack Harper to meet another character Beech (Morgan Freeman).

English: Olga Kurylenko during the new Ford Ka...
Olga Kurylenko (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now one thing you can be rest assured is : the visuals are stunning but not in quantity but quality. The director makes sure that there are limited spaceships,drones etc and they are created beautifully and sleek cinematography transports you into this carefully crafted world.

And this is where the problem starts,the story suffers and the screenplay falters. The twists are either too obvious or too boring for the viewer to care and clocking 2 hours few minutes the movie starts testing your patience.

This also has to be a role Morgan Freeman agreed to play for bills – there is nothing for him to do and as an audience you are left unsatisfied as you get nothing out of this fascinating acting legend.As far as Tom Cruise is concerned he can do this role in his sleep and hence there is nothing special to look out for.Olga looks beautiful as always and gives in a decent performance.

Deutsch: Morgan Freeman bei der deutschen Film...
Morgan Freeman(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Director Joseph Kosinski who directed visually stunning Tron Legacy(2010) does not falter here too with his imaginative special effects and world he creates,but ends up giving us a story which probably he was also confused about how to conclude.

To conclude this one is a visual delight but a disappointment when it comes to story and direction. You can watch it for stunning visual imagery but if you are looking for an epic sci-fi you should just skip this.

Movie Rating : 2/5 – Ditch it – you won’t miss anything.

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5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Oblivion (2013) : Visually Brilliant Scifi Tests Viewers Patience

  1. If I had ditched this movie, I would’ve missed one of the best movies I have ever seen.

    Everything is done just right from my perspective (visuals, audio, soundtrack, special effects, characters and story). Also action and tranquil moments are mixed in pleasant intervals.

    The end result is a movie that creates a tremendously powerful feeling and carries it from start to finish. This feeling is a kind of epicness mixed with bittersweet melancholy and sadness, absolute freedom mixed with the inevitability of things to come. Accentuated by adrenaline-rush action sequences that are perfectly executed. Those who feel it know what I am talking about 🙂 Just this feeling is a good enough excuse to see the movie again and again.

    And those who do not feel it will obviously think of this movie as only mediocre and criticize it for the things that are missing from it, not for what’s there.

    1. Well i respect your opinion – i did like the visuals but the i expected the story to unfold faster and to pack some twists.
      But it was just going through the motions : and what could’ve been spectacular became boring but again that’s completely my opinion.
      I am happy you enjoyed the movie.
      Which other movie are you looking forward too in the future?

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