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Yash Mansion : Hostel Days The Beginning

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down : Oprah Winfrey

Its true but in my case or rather in our case – there was no Limo and there were no buses either, however there were friends and tempo’s 🙂 ( well you can imagine it as a vehicle which resembles a stretched version of an Auto or fondly called in Indore as BhatSuar(Suar here means Pig or Swine if you like it).

Readers of this blog : This was back in 1997-1998 – when sam and i moved to the education hub of Madhya Pradesh – Indore for Higher Secondary studies – i consider this a golden phase in terms of experiences and meeting the most amazing friends.We knew Indore very well as we would come to Indore for our summer vacations almost every year.

My cousin Sam and i lived at Yash Mansion hostel. It is placed at a prime location right in the heart of Indore – next to the famous Padharinath Temple.


A little introduction for Sam or Samarth Emmanuel Raman – my cousin,elder brother and a friend since we were kids – if we both had some resemblance people would have called us Twins.From kinder-garden to graduation we studied together – basically my default partner in crime since my childhood.He was a brilliant student and geek of our group – be it studies,games,technology he still holds that title.We share a common taste for music,movies and our friend base(close friends) is almost the same.


Yash Mansion as a hostel was quiet unique in terms of diversity – sam and i were in 11’th Standard and we had an amazing mix of students preparing for various exams : medical – engineering, Tourism and we had two trainers from Aptech  as well living in our hostel.This was a superb mix and we had loads of fun and it also taught sam and i – an important skill : How to deal with different people with different background,preferences or in short : People Management Skills.

Our first friend at Yash Mansion was Sachin Chaturvedi : the Shahrukh Khan/Gulzaar/Philosopher – a connoisseur of Ghazals,fan of Late Jagjit Singh Sahab and someone who cared about those simple pleasures of life. He belonged to  room number 201 – the best room of our hostel shared with Aptech trainers Vijay(known as Vijju Bhai) and ever smoking and ever lost geek from Tamilnadu – Sundaramurthy(and yes name ends with THY in the end and not TY) – you can think of him as a guy with a Memento or Ghajini problem(Short term memory loss – just in a funny way)

Then there was our usual partner in crime – Moni( i mentioned him in my previous post about Indore too).He is our childhood friend and was not a Yash Mansionite. He was a student of Digambar Jain School and it was a pretty hot-shot school at that time – they had cabs for pick up and drops-proper dress code,sports events and annual functions.( yes it was a big deal when we were in school isn’t it).


Note : There was no way for me to get the pictures of hostel and temple without Moni clicking it for me – Thanks to him for taking time to click the pictures featured in this post.

A usual day started with Sam trying his best to wake me up and we both frantically trying to get things done so that we can get ready and reach school on time. We studied at Vaishnav Boys school and we had literally nothing to brag about that school ( though it was not as bad as the Model School from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar) – and we had either our Hero Rangers(Gen-X mind you) or the tempo or the very reliable – our own pair of legs to reach the school on time.

Our Room 207 had these huge windows(everyone loved them) – we kept them open in the morning so that we could see the nearby tea stall clearly. Those windows were our outlet to see whats happening around us.Moni would come down around 7-7:30 AM – screamed his lungs out and it was our signal that we were getting late and might miss out tea at Om Puri‘s tea stall( The guy who owned the tea stall resembled veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri(pictured below).Another great thing about the stall was that it was convertible – Sugarcane juice shop in summer and tea stall for rest of the year.

English: Om Puri at the 2010 Toronto Internati...
Om Puri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Below is the view(Current View in 2013) of the windows of my room where i use to stay (Room no 207).


I look at these windows now and i feel my hostel life is staring back at me – every-time i am passing by this road i make a point to look back at them and acknowledge their presence.

We then rushed and came down to meet Moni – had a cut tea with him – had discussions,some random plans and off he went leaving us in dust.We would then continue our rushed up journey to destination School.

As i am concluding this post – I must tell you, there are more posts forthcoming in this series and you will have a peek at how we enjoyed,why money was never important between friends, and why i am still good friends with my gang of friends.

Time for you to share:

I would love to hear about your old friends and groups,hostel stories and interesting incidents of past and present if any – it brings up a smile when stories about friends and their amazing friendship are shared – So feel free to comment and discuss.


5 thoughts on “Yash Mansion : Hostel Days The Beginning

  1. Thanks for taking us 15 yrs back that too in bhatsua 🙂 btw sam’s pic is very nice, loved it, n sorry for not giving u the pics, will send soon. Hugs n Cheers

    1. Hey Sachin,
      Its my pleasure to write all thos down so any on of us can go.back in time when needed.
      You keep the picd ready when you are free and mail it to me.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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