5 amazing applications to rock your smartphone world

Jan Chipchase former chief usability researcher at Nokia once said :

“Three objects were considered essential across all participants, cultures and genders: keys, money and mobile phone.”

The world has gone mobile and smartphones(Android,iOS) have taken over.

There are tons of choices when it comes to selection of mobile apps and we all have our favorites.

For my friends and readers of this blog (i mentioned about occasional thoughts on technology in my first post) – i am posting 5 of my favorite and useful apps which are available on both platforms(Android and iOS).

Note: Sorry Windows phone and Symbian users i really have no clue if they have these apps available as well.

1) Google Maps  (Android and iOS) :

This is hands down the best map application i have used and it works like a charm on both platforms.On Android it was always the best way to navigate and explore maps – but after iOS 6 delivered a very buggy Apple maps – Google went ahead and gave the same love to iOS users as well – and it is universally loved for its simple intuitive features and amazing accuracy. Get it here.

Google Maps Show Current Location

Google Maps : Current Location

2) Evernote (Android and iOS):
There is a lot of hype around this app – this comes in different flavors – you can install it on your smartphone and desktop,browser extension.Its excellent when it comes to note-taking,screen-captures,trimming articles and then synching is seamless.Get it here and click here for Help.

Evernote main page

Evernote main page

3) Dropbox (Android and iOS) :
I have been using Dropbox desktop client for quite sometime and the mobile version also stays true to its roots.You can store photos,documents and notes and again sync them easily to your desktop. It gives you 2 GB when you sign up and its keeps adding space upto 18 GB depending on your referrals for a free account – you can purchase more space if you like.You can check out the plan at Dropbox’s official website : Dropbox and click Help for basics.

Dropbox Welcomes You

Dropbox Welcomes You

4) Any.Do (Android and iOS):

A simple app with a clean,minimalistic interface is todo/task list app and you can track the progress of your task. It can also set reminders and a popup reminds you depending on the chosen settings.Another cool feature is gestures : when the task is completed – swipe to right on the task and it is marked completed – shake the phone and a popup would appear to clear it up.It also has a chrome extension and you can sync it all up with just a click.Get it here.

Any.Do Clean Interface

Any.Do Clean Interface

5) Pocket (Android and iOS):

Formerly knows as Read it Later and the intention is to save articles and bookmark them for offline reading.Simple and easy to use – this app offers synching as well with chrome,Firefox extensions and hence you save an article or bookmark a site at your desktop and read it at your convenience on your desktop or mobile device.You can get pocket here for you device/system here and you can get help here.

Pocket Interface

Pocket Interface

Special Mention:

  • Twitter (Android and iOS) : Excellent when it comes to news – it is fastest medium to check out the breaking news.Get it here.
  • Aldiko eBook Reader (Android and iOS) : Ebook reader which can read epub,mobi,pdf’s – you can also organize,purchase ebooks as well.Get it here.

Your Turn:

In this endless world of mobile apps where iOS and Android rule – we have apps for everything and depending on personal usage we choose our apps – i am sure you have your favorites too.I request you to share your list and also share if you are using the apps to get your work done.Feel free to suggest any number of apps – there is no restriction on the number of apps :).


2 thoughts on “5 amazing applications to rock your smartphone world

  1. nicely wrote rohan , but in my view all the apps that you installed are great (if regular updates are available). I suppose the one’s you listed on your blog does give updates.
    Spandan Pradhan

    • Hello Spandan,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Yes all the apps receive updates and what i like about them is that all of them can be used, synced across devices – just makes the life easier – isn’t it :).
      How about you – any favorites – any suggestions?
      Happy Blogging

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