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10 Brilliant Bollywood Movies Of 2012

As a movie buff i watch lot of movies every year and there are movies that stay with me for sometime.

Steven Spielberg once said : People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.

Currently Bollywood is riding high on the 100 crores earning movies(refer to quote above,as this is the state of movies everywhere these days), these movies are entertaining(dialogue heavy,string enabled action,item numbers) and most importantly well suited for making money on box office and i have no objection to the same.I love masala movies of Bollywood (i enjoyed Dabangg and Singham in 2011),but 2012 did not offer any movie in this genre that i enjoyed.

But there were few movies in 2012 which were well made and successful(at-least above average business) on box office too,hence satisfying the criteria of a good movie and decent business venture.

Listed below are 10 movies i was impressed with in 2012:

Agneepath:First good movie of 2012 and the intention was to recreate the cult Agneepath (Amitabh Bachchan). Superb direction,acting,music,action makes it one of the best of 2012.You can read my review.

Paan Singh Tomar :Tigamanshu Dhulia and Irfan Khan : great combination,based on real events of Paan singh tomar,an army athlete turned into a bandit due to circumstances.Irfan Khan’s acting and Dhulia’s direction were both brilliant and unique.

Paan Singh Tomar
Paan Singh Tomar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kahaani:Without a doubt the best thriller of the year,awesome Vidya Balan rocked the movie with yet another memorable performance.

English: Bollywood actress Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vicky Donor:Topic of sperm donation with a love story – presented in a light funny tone this movie was a surprise with our old favorite Annu Kapoor stealing the show.

Shanghai:Director Dibakar Banerjee‘s political thriller,with a renewed Emraan Hashmi,Prasenjit Chatterjee dada and Kalki – taut and really “hatke ” this movie showcased director’s brilliance.

Gangs Of Wasseypur I:A revenge saga : 1 villian v 3 generations of heroes : starts with Shahid Khan(Pathan) working under Ramadhir Singh(villain) – eventually getting killed and then his son Sardar Khan(Manoj Bajpai) does everything to kill Ramadhir Singh.

GOW2 (Photo credit: Neetesh Gupta (neeteshg))

Director Anurag Kashyap enjoyed this project and its clear as there are scenes he get obsessed and let the chases continue for 7-8 minutes – but he manages to keep us entertained,though the movie could have been 20 minutes shorter.

Gangs Of Wasseypur II :Continues from where part 1 left off,Sardar khan getting killed and his drug addict son Faizal Khan taking the task of eliminating Ramadhir Singh.Now Faizal Khan(Nawazuddin Siddiqui) takes this movie to another level altogether with some unique characters – perpendicular,tangent etc.Music is also a highpoint – this is more like a Quentinish gangster saga.

Barfi :Directed by Anurag Basu ,Ranbir Kapoor playing a deaf-mute and Priyanka Chopra playing an autistic girl,along with Illeana – the trio made this a memorable movie,with very few dialogues,brilliant acting and direction and good music, this movie was also long-listed under Best Foregin Film category of Academy awards but failed to make the final shortlist(reason : well some copy-paste work done by Director 🙂 )

OMG : Oh My God :  Paresh Rawal presented his play as a movie : Paresh Rawal plays an atheist and an earthquake destroys his shop,the insurance company dismisses his claim;calling it as an “act of God” – Paresh Rawal goes on to file a case against God. Not only this movie questions blind faith,but also showcases God(Played by Akshay Kumar) helping our hero fight it out and finally helping him trust and believe in God.

Paresh Rawal on the sets of Star Voice of India
Paresh Rawal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talaash : Aamir Khan and the hype around the movie is nothing new : now this movie is certainly not the best Aamir has done , But Reema Kagti the director must get the credit for bringing in something new – this movie qualified for this list,for memorable performances by Aamir,Rani and last but not the least Kareena,Slow but not boring this movie would’ve been superb – if it unfolded fast and had more shocks,but it satisfies the criteria of a decent film.

English: Indian actor Aamir Khan
English: Indian actor Aamir Khan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How about your list ?

As a reader of this blog; i am sure you also have a list of movies you might want to share or discuss – so feel free to add your list in comments and we can talk about them as well.

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3 thoughts on “10 Brilliant Bollywood Movies Of 2012

  1. A Good List of movies and a very well-written blog; I would be tempted to add 2 movies to the list though:

    1. English Vinglish – Solely on account of Sridevi’s power-packed performance that she carried with grace throughout the movie. Simple heart touching story – nothing more, nothing less – Just right !!

    2. Ek tha Tiger – This movie was THE masala movie of the year; It offered best of the bollywood spices – Yash Raj banner, Dashing Katrina as ISI agent (nevertheless performing item numbers herself); Solid Sallu Bhai as RAW agent and A Love-story of the two; Cool Dialogs, Great scenic spots; action – punches – muscles and dishum-dishum – You name it – the movie had it…!!

    1. Thanks Varsha,
      I missed out on watching English Vinglish – but as you mentioned- the movie had positive reviews all the way and so did Sridevi.

      Ek tha tiger : was a very good looking movie and had good action,Sallu-Katz pair – a no tension movie.

      i wanted to watch Makhkhi and Chittagong as well but could not.
      However for worst movies nominations : i nominate Aiyya,kya super kool hai hum and son of sardar as of now.

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