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Movie Review: Life of Pi (IMAX 3D)

Based on the Booker price winner book of the same name by Yann Martel(GoodReads) – this is one movie – critics were skeptical about and so were the book lovers.
Ang Lee director of Crouching tiger,Hidden Dragon(imdb) and BrokeBack Mountain(imdb) had a difficult task on his hand ,but everyone also knew his caliber for delivering excellent drama.

On the surface – this is the story of Pi patel and his journey across pacific ocean with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker,after being ship wrecked and left in a boat.
This story is about the survival instinct we humans posses ,also it is a story about faith in God and self discovery.

Director Ang Lee not only gets the drama right,his vision and visuals he brings to us are outstanding,would be an understatement.
This movie is visually so stunning that you literally are sucked into the world of sea,pi and Richard Parker.I watched it in IMAX 3D and it was worth every penny spent.

Without giving any details – Older Pi played by Irfan Khan is narrating his story to a writer and claims the story will make the writer believe in God.Pi as a kid is bookish by nature and also wants to embrace 3 religions – Hinduism,Islam and Christianity.Pi and his family in India are moving to Canada for a better life on a Japanese ship along with zoo animals,a storm destroys everything leaving young pi,a zebra,hyena,orangutan and the tiger Richard Parker.

Survival of the fittest holds good here too and Pi survives in the ocean with Richard Parker for 227 days and lives to tell the story.On being found by Japanese authorities,they question him about the ship sinking and he narrates the whole story to them,at this point there is a twist and it’s yours to experience.It depends on what your interpretation of the story/movie is ;it will differ from viewer to viewer.With a dose of spirituality,philosophy,human’s survival instinct and God theme it makes a compelling watch on big screen.

You have to watch the visuals in IMAX 3D (i insist) to see the fantastic world Ang Lee has created.
Wonderfully directed and brilliantly visualized and brought on screen, and performances by both Pi’s Irfan Khan and Suraj and last not the least Richard Parker.
Go for it watch on it big screen – it’s a must watch.

5 /5 for visuals.
4/5 for direction and performances.


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