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A day in Indore

I wake up with the feeling that i would at-least find two things in place:

1) Nayi Duniya (local hindi news paper) filled with killer hindi headlines.

2) A glass of tea 🙂

A typical morning tea would have all my family members sitting and sipping tea with our favorite time-pass snacks.

We discuss about the plans for the day – Dad discussing his schedule,mom ready to adjust her schedule for all of our plans,my sister and wife busy planning their shopping and discussing and finally i try to convey that a game of snooker with my friends is of prime importance.

We all,proceed with our plans and it still makes a perfect day.

As time passes,my friends start messaging and calling me to confirm about the plans;the plan which is confirmed already is confirmed again to everyone’s satisfaction.

We all gather almost every-time at my childhood friend Moni’s showroom – we call him Moni(pictured below) as we called him since our childhood days.He was always a big Sega games fan,music and a movie fanatic like me.Currently his interest is fitness.

He is pretty much the king of mobile world in Indore and is always busy with customers flocking his showroom or busy attending calls,yet he finds time to knock few games of snooker with friends.

Another regular is my college time friend – Sachin Bhavsar(pictured below) – the entertainer of our group- dancer,opening batsman of our cricket team,full on Neta(interested in politics and hence says yes for everything),currently working for a company ,he finishes his regular 9-6 job and then meets us in the evening.

There are other regulars who were not in town – Samarth (my cousin),Shakya (Babu Moshay),Piyush(Monu),Ajinkya Abhyankar – as everyone works in different cities,and sometimes countries – they were not available but they are always missed when we gather for the snooker and food gatherings.This post features two of my friends and depending on the stories i have rest of the group will be introduced soon :).

We play few games of snooker,sometimes we just roam around and visit old checkpoints ‘Adda‘ as we call in hindi;just to go back in time and discuss our success,failures and sometimes just plain tea routine,followed by some junk food indulgence.

Every time i leave Indore i ask myself ‘what did i do in this trip?’ – i try to find answer,i try to find some logic out of it.

Frankly there is no logic,neither a desired outcome.I think we are just having a good time.We are keeping things simple and making sure that none of our jobs,locations,success,failures changes anything about our group.

We are simply what we were to each other – typical indori friends having fun in usual indori style.

How about you and your group — if you have similar story or group of friends – feel free to leave a comment or rather share it with the world.


11 thoughts on “A day in Indore

    1. Varsha,
      Friends forever- that’s the best part and they are always next to you.
      It’s been like this since our school/college days – that’s all you need – when we meet – we meet like we did before.
      Glad you liked the post.

  1. Well the whole Blog is touching for me….especially two lines touched me the most……
    1) The confirmed plan is reconfirmed again seeking everyones’s satisfaction, and secondly even more liked,
    2)We are keeping things simple and making sure that none of our jobs,locations,success,failures changes anything about our group.

    Also would like to congratulate one of my best buddies of all time “Rohan” bhiyao>>> ektarfa blog baazi kar re ho aajkalmatlab…iski baara bajau… 😉

  2. Too good bhaiya….impressed by the style you write.
    Have similar story and will pen it down soon.
    anyway….just to leave a suggestion.
    try out ‘The Chai Bar’ next time for your indori dost meetings.

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