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Movie Review :Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is the story of Hoover family and their quest to take their younger daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant.

The family consists of Richard (Dad),a motivational speak who is trying to sell his 9 step success method, and eventually fails. A caring Sheryl(Mom), her suicidal genius brother Frank,Dwayne the teenage son who has taken a vow to remain silent until he becomes a pilot and drug addict,profanity king Grandpa Edwin. These characters are all frustrated and struggling but everyone loves the youngest member of the family Olive.

With their individual struggles in place,everyone teams up to take Olive into the finals of Little Miss Sunshine. The rest of the movie shows how they accomplish this task ,with lot of difficulties and mishaps;yet manage to stay together as a family.

Everyone in the movie has done their parts with honesty and as a viewer you will easily accept them as a family.The whole journey is full of funny,sad and family moments and  will leave you smiling as it reaches the end.

There are few wonderful takeaways as well.

  • Refuse to lose : Winners don’t quit.
  • Acceptance: it is ok to be yourself.
  • Importance of trying : if you try, you are not a loser.
  • Family : a good family stays together and supports each other when needed.

You can watch it only for the cute little Olive’s performance as well.

Go ahead and watch this movie – i am sure you will love it.

Movie Rating : 3.5/5


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