Learn CPR while watching Masterchef Australia

“When i call your name – please step forward” – this is how results are announced by the Master-chef Australia Judge Trio Gary Mehigan,George Calombaris,Matt Preston.

Reality TV attracts big audience these days.Reality TV shows have few common traits – talent(it depends how talented) and a really emotional story to add(i doubt these stories sometimes) – so that the audience connect with you and vote for you.

Master-chef Australia is a cooking competition and the reason i like the show is – they do not indulge in voting or stories to steer away the focus.Rules are rules and everyone must play by rules.

Now i can hear one of you screaming – yeah right whatever – but how is this relasted to CPR?
Well it is – i am talking about few qualities here ,not the emergency medical procedure CPR(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

The contestants have the below mentioned qualities and they are indeed required for everyone to compete.

1) Commitment:
A pledge or promise – all contestants are committed to one goal – to become the best chef in Australia i.e Masterchef.They read,create,dream,practice for their ultimate goal.

2) Persistence :
Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.For every contestant – other contestants are obstacles in their path to glory – but they try their best to push through,aiming at their ultimate goal and try to out-perform each other.

One of the contestant in the show – who had to compete in an elimination – when asked about her strategy : She replied –

“To turn this setback into a comeback”

3) Repetition :
Doing the same thing again and again : i always wondered how these contestants start cooking some random dish ? Truth being – they have been preparing for this for years – they have cooked,created dishes for their friends and family before they can compete.

As said by Robert Collier – Constant repetition carries conviction.

So how about we all try to put these qualities to use and achieve our goals.


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