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Olympics – an opportunity to learn

Olympics is always an event to watch,as it is the biggest sporting event featuring various sports,athletes from different countries.

It is more interesting and intense as the excitement continues till the event ends.

Watching top notch athletes putting in their maximum effort for their country is always a sight to watch,as it is physically and emotionally challenging event as you represent your country not yourself.

We can learn a atleast couple of things from Olympics and the featured athletes:

1) Focus : athletes focus on one sport and one form(mostly) and devote their 4 years or more to the same.

2) Consistency : an athlete prepares for their chosen event/sport only and everything else takes a backseat.Their goal is to get better everyday and in every session.

3) Challenging yourself : This is a big one – Olympics is as much about winning medals as it is about breaking olympics and world records.Athletes go way beyond their comfort zone to break their own and already set records.One cannot cross the set standard if one does not step outside the comfort zone and challenges to do better than what has already been done.

As we enjoy every day of awesomeness from various athletes/events, we also get inspired by the performances.Have fun watching and get inspired.


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