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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan had a big task in hand when he decided to create a fitting end to the Batman saga.

He had to make sure he connected the dots from last two movies and tied them together with the current theme of finale.

He makes a point that he does all of the above without fail, adding some heart to it.

The Dark Knight Rises unfolds 8 years after ,the events of The dark knight.

Note : This is the story of Bruce Wayne and the rise of Batman – it’s emotional,grand and with a war mood to it.The story in short : Bane takes control over the Gotham city while Batman is gone – and it revolves around the come back of Batman to save Gotham city.

Revealing anything more about the story will spoil the fun as this movie deserves to be seen in a theater.

Coming to much talked and at times criticised villian Bane,i will go ahead and say it – Joker is not missed – why? – as the setting does not need him,it however is perfect for Bane –  strong,intelligent and ready to fight Batman one on one.Don’t sweat the remarks about his voice,its clear enough to understand.Tom hardy deserves credit for acting with the mask on and still making the right impact.

Anne hathway is sexy,sharp and definitely the best version of catwoman.

Gary Oldman,Michael Caine,Morgan Freeman,Marion Cotillard have done their parts with sincerity.

Christian Bale gets an equal part wayne and batman role and is perfect in both roles.

Director Christopher Nolan has done it again – by delivering a brilliant movie.His direction and storytelling is brilliant.He gives us the struggling batman and makes sure you connect to the character ,wanting batman to rise.

The Dark Knights rises, rises above the usual endings of super hero movies and gives us a compelling action drama finale.

A must watch – watch it without fail.


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